Apoyos individualizados: ¿contrainsurgencia o contención social?

01 de junio 2019

La jornada 

El campo mexicano rebosa de luchas y de proyectos alternativos. Tiene una larga historia de pugna agraria, de defensa de territorio, y de apropiación de procesos productivos y comercialización mediante cooperativas campesinas y otras formas de empresas y sociales ejidales.

Para entender la violencia antizapatista

10 de mayo 2014

¿Son violentos los indios? ¿Son violentos los zapatistas? Existe mucha confusión sobre la violencia en Chiapas. Aquí intento ofrecer una guía breve para su interpretación.

Agrofuels, Food Sovereignty, and the Contemporary Food Crisis

June 2009

In this article, agrofuels are examined in the context of the world food price crisis and the “food sovereignty” proposal for addressing the crisis. Both short- and long-term causes of the crisis are examined, and while agrofuels are presently not a prime causal factor they are clearly contraindicated by the crisis. Food sovereignty, including a moratorium on agrofuels, is argued to offer the best option for managing the crisis.

Keywords: agrofuels; biofuels; food crisis; food prices; food sovereignty; Via Campesina.

Fixing our Global Food System Food Sovereignty and Redistributive Land Reform

01July 2009

ABSTRACT. The recent world food price crisis highlights what many have thought for a long time: the world’s food and agriculture system is broken. Few winners remain in the aftermath of the severe crisis, in which prices for basic food commodities (corn, wheat, rice, soybeans) increased dramatically in 2007 and 2008, only to fall rapidly in the second half of 2008. Although down from their high points, commodity prices are still about double those of the early 2000s.

Food Sovereignty in Latin America: Confronting the ‘New’ Crisis

01 May 2009

ABSTRACT. During the first months of 2007, Mexicans took to the streets to protest a sudden doubling of the price of corn tortillas, the mainstay of the national diet. Government officials and industry blamed the increase of corn prices in the global market on the widespread promotion of ethanol production from corn as part of the agro-fuels initiatives being promoted by then President George W. Bush and President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil.