Mexico’s student massacre has unravelled the federal government

3 December 2014

This new stage of civic insurgency cannot be ignored. People want a honest explanation and change from the top down

The Fast of Those who Feed Us

25 January 2013

Peasants from the National Union of Autonomous Regional Peasant Organizations (UNORCA), a member of Via Campesina, have taken non-violent social protest to its ultimate level: they've initiated a hunger strike.

Zapatistas can still change the rules of Mexico's politics

31 December 2012

Zapatistas can still change the rules of Mexico's politics
A mass silent protest in Chiapas shows the indigenous movement remains a formidable political force
Luis Hernández Navarro, Monday 31 December 2012 11.10 GMT
Mexico's Zapatista rebels, led by Subcomandante Marcos, have broad support among indigenous communities in the state of Chiapas. Photograph: Daniel Aguilar/Reuters

Rural Social Movements and Agroecology: Context, Theory, and Process

01 September 2012

ABSTRACT. Rural social movements have in recent years adopted agroecology and diversified farming systems as part of their discourse and practice. Here, we situate this phenomenon in the evolving context of rural spaces that are increasingly disputed between agribusiness, together with other corporate land-grabbers, and peasants and their organizations and movements. We use the theoretical frameworks of disputed material and immaterial territories and of re-peasantization to explain the increased emphasis on agroecology by movements in this context.